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The wait is nearly over !!!!!


We now have the sample for the 3C and 3CX lights and the quality has been checked and tested and we are happy to tell our customers that we have placed a very large order of each. This is to not only fulfil the orders that have already placed with us (over 50) which is an excellent start, but extra for the many other orders that we are expecting due to the quality and authentic look to these lights.


The 3C's have the original/authentic metal surround/chrome effect (not plastic) and we use oem black seals around these lights.


The 3CX lights are again of high quality plastic (like original) which should last for many years !!!!


If you are interested in placing an order for any of these then please contact me below.


We expect stock to be with us in the next 6-8 weeks and believe like our customers that patience is the key to get the right quality lights at the right price !!!!


** Please note these are not LED as we are keeping to original as we can **


Place a back order or contact to be put on the order list.

Where is my machine's serial number?

SERIAL/VIN number location: typically the plate with your serial number is located either on the machine body, or in the cab. It will start with either JCB or SLP. If we need any other numbers off the plate we will ask.